SR DevOps – Linux, Cloud and Automation

About Us:

We are specialized in the provision of telecommunications services and solutions. We are committed to growing and learning from our customers and the continuous technological changes arising in the market, so that we can realize our business ideas into first-class solutions.

Our clients are Internet Service Providers and Mobile Operators from all around the world. We develop solutions for them, such as:

  • A log collector that spans across multiple data centers and handles thousands of logs a second using Big Data technologies, key-value stores, and analytics solutions to provide reports.
  • An hyper-converged virtualization platform with an integrated full-stack orchestrator to sell security solutions in a self-service way
  • A network automation orchestrator based on Ansible and Airflow for Netops/Devops for networking and telecom network elements
  • A crowdsourced and probe based solution for user-experience performance analysis in mobile, broadband and wifi networks.

Our team in Buenos Aires, Argentina, develops carrier-class solutions used in the competitive world of telecommunications with in-house developments form its design to maintenance using agile methodologies and
technologies in their state of art integrating our expertise in software development with our knowledge in Networking and Engineering.

Check and for more information about our work.

The ideal candidate is passionate about technology, has experience developing software, loves to learn, is detail-oriented, and enjoys working in a team environment using a wide variety of emergent technologies and Cloud Computing platforms.

What are we looking for?

  • Techincal leadership of the team
  • Advanced knowledge of Linux
  • Knowledge working with cloud environments, datacenters and telecommunications.
  • Knowledge of DevOps and CI/CD tools and methodologies.
  • Knowledge on DevOps and automation open source tools (Ansible, Jenkins, Airflow, etc)
  • Knowledge on virtualization and containerization.
  • Bash y Python.

Valuable Skills

  • Inborn curiosity about new technologies and ability to work on high performance teams.
  • Knowledge on networking, scripting and operating systems.
  • Knowledge on Open Source solutions like Apache/NGINX, MySQL, Influx, Elasticsearch, Nagios

Benefits of working at Iquall

Iquall Networks is a growing telecommunications company that has offices in Argentina (HQ), Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Spain and US. Its constant evolution allows for great opportunities for the careers of its employees.

We value creativity and effort in every member of our working team. Likewise, we take into account their individual talent, offering them due opportunities to develop their full potential.

We offer flexible working hours, top-class health insurance, contractual employment relationships and immediate hiring.

In line with our professional development plan, we have created an internal training program, offering real possibilities for career growth.

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