Professional Services Consultant

We are searching for a Systems or Telecommunications professional who has experience
deploying and implementing systems connected with the telecommunications industry.


  • Guarantee the proper architecture, engineering, implementation and deployment of state-of-the-art platforms for the networks of the leading mobile operators and ISPs of Latin America.
  • Solve highly-complex problems by applying creative solutions.
  • Become a leading consultant in various technologies for our regional clients.

Minimum qualifications

This search is oriented to advanced students or graduates in Systems, Electronics, Telecommunications Engineering or similar courses, who have experience implementing and designing top-quality solutions within a dynamic environment.

The following qualifications are required:

  • GNU/Linux (advanced level)
  • Data bases (MySQL, Postrgres, etc.).
  • Networking (Routing, Switching, TCP/IP).
  • Advanced English.
  • Availability to travel.
  • Programming –mainly scripting (bash, perl, php, python).
  • International telecommunications certifications (CCNA/JNCIA).
  • Knowledge of mobile networks’ architectures and operation.

We are searching for someone passionate about engineering and telecommunications, who is excellent at dealing with customers and believes that team work is an essential value.

At Iquall Networks we value the ability and eagerness to solve problems by applying creative solutions.

Benefits of working at Iquall

Iquall Networks is a growing telecommunications company that has offices in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, USA, Mexico and Peru. Its constant evolution allows for great opportunities for the careers of its employees.

We value creativity and effort in every member of our working team. Likewise, we take into account their individual talent, offering them due opportunities to develop their full potential.

We offer flexible working hours, top-class health insurance, contractual employment relationships and immediate hiring.

In line with our professional development plan, we have created an internal training program, offering real possibilities for career growth.

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