Software Engineer

About US:

We are specialized in the provision of telecommunications services and solutions. We are committed to growing and learning from our customers and the continuous technological changes arising in the market, so that we can realize our business ideas into first-class solutions.

What are we looking for?

  • Excellent software design capabilities, C++/JSE/J2EE/python/node.js programming, debugging skills and a strong systems programming background
  • Experience with HTTP, RESTFUL APIs, ¬†SOAP, Web Sockets, SSL/TLS,
  • Strong knowledge of operating systems (Linux)
  • Strong knowledge of SQL and NoSQL database queries
  • Experience in Agile development with CI/CD based software development
  • Ability to handle multiple tasks, prioritize and meet deadlines
  • Experience debugging problems in complex systems involving multiple process/thread interactions including, but not limited to analyzing crashes, scaling and performance issues, packet loss, memory leaks and memory corruption
  • Proactive mindset and strong willingness to learn in addition to ability to think out of the box and adopt new software development tools and technologies

Challenges of the position:

  • Building (development & testing) high-complexity multi-service networking and telecommunications oriented products
  • Responsibilities will include resolving internal and external customer issues.
  • Interfacing with product management team, engineering team, project management team and other function teams during the entire product development cycle.

Valuable Skills

  • Technical knowledge in Routing, Ethernet switching, IP forwarding, Class/Quality of service, High Availability mechanisms, firewall and access control, as well as routing and switching protocols.
  • Knowledge in Virtual network topologies such as Openstack is a plus
  • Application Containerization (docker, snap) and software packaging

Benefits of working at Iquall

Iquall Networks is a growing telecommunications company that has offices in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, USA, Mexico and Peru. Its constant evolution allows for great opportunities for the careers of its employees.

We value creativity and effort in every member of our working team. Likewise, we take into account their individual talent, offering them due opportunities to develop their full potential.

We offer flexible working hours, top-class health insurance, contractual employment relationships and immediate hiring.

In line with our professional development plan, we have created an internal training program, offering real possibilities for career growth.

Send us your CV

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