Allows CSPs to provide virtualized IP services for SOHO, SMBs and vertical markets

Offering a centralized platform, it allows both the operator and the company that uses it to provide their clients with virtualized network services without needing to have an SDN-NFV architecture deployed in their datacenters.

Disruptive Network Services

HC-vCPE transforms the traditional business model of the SOHO, SMBs and vertical markets

- Time-to-market
- Quote to cash
- Cost to serv
- Acquisition cost
- Supplier cost
Customer Oriented
- Improved user experience
- Profit
- Churn
Virtualized IP services
Virtualized IP services

HC-vCPE capacity

  • 3 Servers
  • Juniper MX-80 (4 gbps throughput)
STARTUP KIT - 3 Servers - 300 VNFs - 3 month implementation plan!
  • 33 Servers
  • 5000 VNFs
  • 4 TOR Switches
  • Juniper MX-240 (40 gbps throughput)
  • Billing, Payment-Gw and Subscription BSS
  • Ticketing system / CRM
  • Performance and fault management OSS
  • Customer Portal w/self-service provisioning
  • Full-featured Backend
  • ETSI NFV based Orchestration
Hyper-convergence is a software-centric architecture that integrates computer, storage, networking and virtualization resources in a commodity server. HC-vCPE supports up to 33 nodes in one single rack.

NFV Mano based Architecture

NFV Mano based Architecture

Startup Kit 3/3/300

3 servers300 VNFs3 month implementation plan

Flexible business models

The system can be marketed under flexible business models

VNF as a Services
VNFs are marketed as services. The operator provides space on its datacenter.
Revenue Sharing
VNFs licences are marketed as a service. The operator provides the infrastructure and is responsible for the operation of the solution.
Software Licensing