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  • Last Updated 5 April, 2023
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Integration Huawei U2000


The integration between MAT and HUAWEI U2000 provides a powerful solution for network management and automation. HUAWEI U2000 is a widely used network management system that allows operators to efficiently manage their network resources. By integrating MAT with U2000, operators can automate complex processes involving multiple network domains and different service platforms, optimizing the time-to-market, Capex and Opex.

MAT provides a highly scalable automation framework with integrated Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence modules. This integration allows operators to leverage the power of U2000 and MAT to improve their network security, optimize their engineers' work, and enhance network solutions, providing value-added use-cases.

MAT can act as a network domain controller, providing centralized control over network activities. The flexibility and modularity of MAT make it a perfect asset for the SDN and NFV working models, helping operators to adapt to the fast-changing telecommunications industry.

The integration with HUAWEI U2000 provides a seamless experience for operators, allowing them to efficiently manage their network resources, while providing incremental value-added on telecommunications use cases. The MAT and U2000 integration is a powerful solution for network management and automation, helping operators to stay competitive in the ever-changing telecommunications industry.