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Integration with BMC Remedy
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Introducing the powerful integration of MAT with BMC Remedy 8.1 - the ultimate solution for seamless network automation and service management. Our integration streamlines the processes of managing network events and incidents, providing you with a comprehensive toolset to monitor and manage your network operations.

Our integration allows you to quickly and easily integrate MAT with BMC Remedy, enabling you to receive real-time alerts for network events and incidents. With the automation capabilities of MAT, you can automatically analyze network events and incidents, identify root causes, and initiate corrective actions. BMC Remedy enables you to manage these incidents and communicate with stakeholders, ensuring a timely resolution and maintaining customer satisfaction.

Key features

  • Streamline network operations and reduce operational costs
  • Minimize downtime and improve service availability
  • Enhance customer experience by ensuring timely resolution of incidents
  • Improve overall network security and compliance
  • Facilitate ITIL compliance by automating service management processes

Our expert team provides dedicated support throughout the integration process, ensuring a seamless integration and effective implementation. Trust us to deliver a comprehensive, effective solution that meets all your network automation and service management needs.


  • MAT >= 2.6