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MAT on-demand workshops


Introducing our on-demand MAT workshops, designed to teach your team how to integrate your planning, engineering, provisioning, and operations procedures using our powerful automation framework. With MAT, you can optimize your time-to-market, time to cash, Capex, and Opex, while improving network security and the efficiency of your engineers.

MAT is a highly scalable automation tool that enables complex processes across multiple network domains and service platforms, while taking into account your business service definitions. Our integrated ML and AI modules add value to your network solutions by providing enhanced use cases.

MAT also serves as a network domain controller, acting as a central control point for all network activity. Its flexibility and modularity make it an ideal asset for SDN and NFV working models.

Our goal is to provide incremental value to your telecommunications use cases. Contact us today to schedule a MAT workshop and start realizing the benefits of network automation.