Mobiprobe Sonar

Probes system oriented to perform distributed tests on OTT access and network services to analyze their status and QoS over fixed, mobiles and WiFI networks, in real time

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A multi-measurement real-time tool to get UX and network’s KPIs

Understanding the network´s user perception and knowing current QoS is the smartest way to invest in CAPEX and OPEX because it allows improving UX and fulfilling current regulations, at the same time. Mobiprobe SONAR is a real-time tool that can perform hundreds or thousands of measurements, emulating the user’s behaviour when they access OTTs or network services to determine their status.
Mobiprobe SONAR helps CSP to address the following challenges:

Improving QoE perceived by customers, knowing where users’ real problems are
Analyzing services behaviour, getting OTTs and most visited websites access information
Customizing KPIs for each service to early detect inconvenients and guarantee SLAs
Creating own automated tests set to generate reports accord to current regulations
Virtual and physical probes of Mobiprobe Sonar

Key Feature: Virtual and Physical probes

Mobiprobe SONAR uses different kinds of probes that get real-time status of any service offered to users, even if they are provided by OTTs or the network itself, in any kind of network, anywhere, anytime.

The probes are the key to get the information. Through a pre-installed application, whether Physical or virtual, they perform the measurements and transmit the data to a centralized storage. Tests can be performed placing the probes in INDOOR or OUTDOOR locations, or even in public transports, given a full picture of the coverage.

Main Characteristics

Schedulable and customizable tests

Through the implementation of remotely managed scripts, Mobiprobe SONAR can customize the set of tests and the order in which they are being performed over each deployed probe. With obtained data, statistics and reports are generated which help to understand the network performance and fulfill required regulations by:

  • performing geographical analysis over offered services
  • obtaining details about network parameters
  • determining impact of network incidents over UX
Schedulable and customizable tests in mobiprobe sonar
Schedulable and customizable tests in mobiprobe sonar
Alarms and KPIs self-defined in mobiprobe sonar

Alarms and KPIs self-defined

One of Mobiprobe SONAR special features is the possibility to generate alarms based on KPIs as well thresholds settled for each measurement, both defined by the solution administrator. With them, the solution is able to take predefined actions (send emails, notifications, etc) if deviations are generated from the prefix parameters.

Integrable with network tools

Measurements obtained by probes, generated reports and alarms can be a complement to several network platforms. That is why Mobiprobe SONAR is designed to be integrated into systems such as CRM, BSS, CEM, BI, Big Data, etc so data can be accessed by exporting it or through a customizable web service.

Integrable with network tools in mobiprobe sonar
Integrable with network tools in mobiprobe sonar
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We have become the majority shareholder of NUX Technologies, an American start-up focused on the assessment of mobile networks from the users’ perspective – calls, messaging, mobile data, OTTs, VAS, etc.