Our experience

Iquall Networks’ comprehensive product line comprises a wide array of solutions and resources, each of which is focused on solving the different needs that operators currently face. These services include networking solutions, engineers, consulting and implementation services, operation and maintenance services and training services based on the leading state-of-the-art technologies.
Our services intend to optimize the way in which the operators’ network resources are allocated, thus increasing their reliability and scalability, and preparing them for the new challenges ahead. 

Our Services

- Demos & Labs
- POCs
- Deployment
- Openstack/Contrail
- Analysis
- Development
- Deployment
- Python / Puppet / Chef/Docker
- MNOs Backbone
- VAS/Messaging
- Virtualización
- Network servers virtualization: DNS, AAA
- Distributed Core
- Virtual IMS Core Solution (Project Clearwater)
Networking Specialists
- Multicast
- QoS
- Metro Ethernet
- Backbone/Backhaul
- 3G/LTE/LTE-Advanced

Authorized education partner of the leading vendors

Iquall & Juniper Networks

Juniper Networks Authorized Education Partner (JNAEP):


  • Fastest Growing Education Partner Worldwide: 2015
  • Worldwide Highest growth year-on-year: Platinum
  • AMER Highest Customer Satisfaction (Education Services) 2015: Silver Award
  • AMER Education Partner of the year 2015: Gold Award
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