Becoming an Associate Member of the CITEL: one further step on the road to sustainable development hand in hand with telecommunications

Iquall Networks has become an Associate Member of the CITEL and will fully participate in a Permanent Consultative Committee related to the telecommunications/ICT industry. 

The Inter-American Telecommunication Commission (CITEL) is an entity of the Organization of American States (OAS), which gathers regulatory agencies and different organizations with the aim of promoting and contributing to the economical and social development of the region, recognizing the vital role of telecommunications and ICTs as tools to achieve such objective.

The objective of the Permanent Consultative Committees is to provide consultancy to all the entities that comprise the telecommunications/TIC regional industry, on issues related to their respective fields.

Iquall Networks, as a Member of the Committee, will participate in the assemblies in which different problems are addressed and solutions are proposed. The activities of the Committee can be easily linked to Iquall’s culture, as the company follows high quality standards and always seeks to improve the user experience perceived by its clients when using its platforms and services.

As of the next assembly, which will be carried out in Peru, Iquall Networks will take part in the resolutions issued by the CCP.I, applying the knowledge the company has acquired after more than ten years of developing and commercializing platforms for the main mobile operators and service providers of the telecommunications market.


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