Big Data in CGNAT: new solution for data management

Iquall Networks offers a solution that provides all the mechanisms needed to efficiently gather and store the translation records created by the CGNAT systems and allows to manage the platform in a comprehensive way and in real time.

Carrier Grade NAT (CGNAT) implementations require the managers of the platform to be able to identify the identity of a subscriber based on their IPv4 address, the port and time window in which it was used, as this information may be required by government authorities.

Not only does the CGNAT Logging solution developed by Iquall Networks efficiently record all the creation and deletion events for the translations carried out during all CGNAT implementations, but also it offers a management centre which can be accessed through a web interface and provides important information about the use of the platform.

This management centre allows to monitor the platform in real time, through KPIs, reports and statistics. Thus, the platform’s need for growth can be registered on the basis of the usage profile and the maximum capacity supported by the hardware, and any anomaly that may arise within the system can be detected early.

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