Iquall at MWC17: New agreements for the deployment of Iquall vCPE

Within the framework of the Mobile World Congress 2017Iquall Networks announced agreements for the initial deployment of its platform Iquall vCPE with important clients.

A few months ago, Iquall Networks released its platform Iquall vCPE, an innovative product designed using NFV technologies, which allows service providers to offer virtualized network services, such as Routing, Firewalling, IDP, VPN, DPI, NAT Cache and IP Telephony.

During the MWC17 Iquall Networks introduced the advances of this new product line, the main attraction being the results of the performance tests obtained during stress tests in the lab. Such results are impressive: it was possible to deploy more than 100 Advance Secure Internet vCPEs (based on Juniper vSRX) in only one host.

These tests were decisive as they evidence the enormous potential and the scalability of the solution – it will be possible to offer 4000 vCPEs in one single rack.

The relevance of the results presented in Barcelona allowed Iquall Networks to enter into agreements with important clients from different countries. These agreements will make it possible to move forward with the productive implementation of Iquall vCPE on the clients’ networks during 2017.

Iquall vCPE is the evolution of the traditional offer of value added services based on customer premises equipment, as it allows to decentralize such services, introducing a virtualized and on-demand model. In addition, it makes it possible to offer different types of services oriented to different types of clients, be it corporate or connected to different vertical markets: education, hotel and gastronomic, among others.

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