Iquall Networks adds new functionalities to its solution Mobile Broadband Manager (MBM®)

Iquall Networks has announced the incorporation of new functionalities for analysis and IP traffic control to its solution Mobile Broadband Manager.

MBM®, apart from restricting access to internet according to the mobile’s IP address, has added tools to its architecture, which allow the operator to provide unlimited data packets according to the kind of service (e-mail, social networks, instant messaging, full access), time range (internet per day, per hour, per week) or traffic.

MBM® is the Carrier-Class platform developed by Iquall Networks, designed to satisfy the highest quality standards in terms of stability and High Availability, which provides the operator with a centralized solution that allows to effectively managing, from a single access point, all IP traffic.

Made up by the functional modules, Service Manager and Traffic Control, it provides the tools that enable the operator to process high-speed traffic and take appropriate action based on the result of the analysis. Traffic policies are defined as the different rules configured by the operator that enable accessing the data service, provide the plan to the mobile line which acquires it and deactivate the service once it is over.

Among the most significant benefits that have been perceived by MBM® operators we can find:

  • The possibility to provide a customized, flexible service to the users, adaptable to their connection needs.
  • Being able to implement a robust and configurable platform that allows to smartly controlling network traffic, associating their business strategies with profiles and the defined traffic policies.
  • Manage and control data services on an efficient and intuitive way, by using a simple and friendly web access management interface, which makes operating the platform easier.
  • Develop data plans and marketing strategies focused on the tendency of use of the service among its clients, visualizing in the platforms rates of renewal, reject due to insufficient credit and acquisition of different packets.

For further information about Mobile Broadband Manager solution, follow this link.

About Iquall Networks

Iquall Networks has vast experience on the deployment and integration of systems in mobile networks. Moreover, it has designed, integrated and implemented, together with Ericsson, Nokia Siemens Networks and IBM, more than 12 MPLS networks for large-scale mobile operators and Internet providers. In 2008 Iquall Networks has obtained recognition by Juniper Networks as J-partner Service Implement Specialist due to our specialists’ expertise and the quality of the work conducted.

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