Iquall Networks announces new acquisition at MWC16

During the first day of the most important event of the telecommunications industry, the Mobile World Congress, Iquall introduced the product line commercialized by NUX.

The company’s new acquisition will help to broaden the scope of the suite of the Mobiprobe tools, making it available to more customers. The main objective of the products using this technology is to help the CSP understand their customers’ experience of the network. Therefore, it is possible to narrow uncertainties when it comes to making strategic decisions that improve the user experience.

The product line comprises three products: Sonar, Carrier Edition and The Coverage Project.

  • Mobiprobe Sonar allows to use probes based on standard smartphones to conduct a comprehensive qualitative study of how the mobile network and the services are perceived. It can be highlighted that the person managing the platform is who configures the tests to be run.
  • Mobiprobe Carrier Edition offers the possibility of turning the customers’ devices into thousands of test points, with the aim of conducting a full scale assessment of how the mobile network and the different services offered by the providers are perceived.
  • Last but not least, there is The Coverage Project – a crowdsourcing global platform that uses the Mobiprobe technology to generate analytical reports on the mobile network and compares the service with the ones provided by competitors, both locally and around the world.

It was NUX’s understanding of the importance of the user experience when analysing and planning the network what encouraged Iquall Networks’ directors to make this important investment in NUX Technologies.

Both companies have been at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, up until today, February 26, 2016, and will probably also be at the next one.

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