Iquall Networks celebrates five years of providing high-quality services and products

Iquall Networks celebrates five years of professional experience, providing high-quality services and products for the telecommunications market. Since the beginning, the company has specialized in providing professional services and training, as well as mobile messaging and networks management platforms.
The company has been established under a culture of promoting development of human potential, placing emphasis on its specialists’ training and knowledge and embracing the research philosophy, which is sheared by its employees. Being a technological partner of the main industry leaders (Juniper Networks, NSN, Nextel, IBM, Tellabs, Ericsson, etc.), Iquall Networks has a strong vision of the market.
“Each market is different and each client has different needs. At Iquall Networks we have always focused on taking the necessary time to listen to each client and to integrate their vision with the users’ one and our values in order to create solutions that not only meet their expectations, but also add value to their business.” says Matías Lambert, president of Iquall Networks, and adds “Our services are in continuous evolution. We would like to thank all of those people and partners that, during these five years, have been part of the achievements of the company and continue working with us, developing forward-looking solutions”. 
Founded in 2008, the company’s goal has been providing integral, flexible and technically highly-sustainable solutions to the operators and providers of the telecommunications market. The experience gained by working together with operators and service providers translates into the top-quality of the products offered by the company.
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