Iquall Networks Expands its Education Program

As one of the players within the telecommunications market, and based on the experience acquired after working jointly with the leading operators, integrators and providers, Iquall Networks has announced the expansion of its training program in telecommunications.

The education program offered by Iquall Networks is aimed at turning its attendees into specialists in IP networks, guaranteeing that they acquire the knowledge needed to be able to design and operate any kind of network, whether it is an operator’s or an ISP’s. The contents of each of the levels in which courses are organized have been structured taking into account current networks, their evolution to more advanced technologies, and the organizational scheme of the enterprises within the industry.

The continuous progress regarding technology and end users’ increasing demands makes it necessary to carry out complex modifications which require high-levels of training. That is why we have decided to expand and redesign our training program, so as to meet the needs of the market and provide the knowledge required for the IP networks currently being implemented.

Iquall Networks’ education program is divided into 4 levels of increasing difficulty, which take into account the training needs existing in the telecommunications industry today, as well as the experience and knowledge future attendees must have before enrolling in a certain course.

Iquall Networks continuously offers training courses for the different players of the market. Its staff of instructors comprises specialists who hold certifications in the various technologies available and have sound knowledge of telecommunications. In addition to teaching, their daily job involves the provision of consulting, design and support services, which enables them to give attendees real examples of fieldwork and pass on their wide experience.



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