Iquall Networks introduces its new automation platform at MWC17

Within the framework of the Mobile World CongressIquall Networks will introduce its customers and partners its new MAT (Management Automation Tool) platform, which has been designed to optimize the management and execution of automation applications on the network.

The tool developed by Iquall Networks to access different automated applications, such as inventory reports on hardware and services, configuration analyses, periodical snapshots of the status of the devices and the network, and comparative reports before and after a maintenance window or a general failure, among others.The GUI allows the operators to program the execution of such applications on the devices of the network in order to reduce the time spent by the engineering and operations departments on performing this tasks to its minimum.

For several years, Iquall Networks has been accompanying its clients during the development of different automation use cases within the region. Hernán González, Product Manager of the company, said: “during the process of evangelization of this technology, we found that our clients were truly interested on the deployment of this type of solutions, as they allow to improve their current operations, eliminating human error and reducing considerably the OPEX regarding the maintenance operations of a network”

“The other side of the coin was that a barrier had to be broken down in order to take full advantage of this technology: today many network engineers do not have the knowledge of software development that is needed so as to implement powerful automation scripts that address their specific day-to-day needs. With MAT we aim to offer our clients a friendly environment for taking advantage of these technologies in a smooth and effective way,” ” he added.

Iquall Networks’ consulting services help their clients to identify those processes that consume considerable time and resources within an engineering and operations team that are capable of evolving into an application based on Automation, and therefore to optimize their operations. Such services also include the programming of these applications, their implementation on the clients’ multivendor network and access to the MAT tool for their management and execution.

Next week, Iquall Networks will be attending the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, and will be presenting all the features and benefits of this new product to its clients and partners.

For more information about Iquall Networks visit:

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