Iquall Networks invests in NUX Technologies

Iquall Networks has announced that it has become the majority shareholder of NUX, an American start-up focused on user experience.

Iquall Networks announced this week that a first investment has been made in NUX Technologies, an American start-up from the telecommunications and networking industry, dedicated to the assessment of mobile networks from the users’ perspective.

NUX – Network User Experience –  is a start-up in its early stage, headquartered in Florida, USA. Their innovative products and their understanding of the importance of the user experience when it comes to analysing and planning the network is what encouraged Iquall Networks’ directors to make this important investment.

Furthermore, Iquall Networks’ directors have also announced that they are going to be attending the Mobile World Congress. At the event, they will be spelling out the details of this new investment for their clients and partners. In addition, the company is going to be giving demonstrations and presentations of NUX products at their stand.

Matías Lambert – Iquall Networks’ CEO – stated, “we are very pleased with this new organisation. We were amazed by their approach to user experience and we believe that working in tandem with NUX and being part of their development will bring, not only business opportunities, but also a new way to approach the scenario in which we are currently operating with the Mobiprobe product line”.

NUX, on the other hand, hopes to continue generating partnerships with the leaders of the market and to establish contact with multiple mobile providers to begin working at a large scale.


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