Iquall Networks launched a new multi-platform version of CGNAT Collector at the 2015 MWC

Last Thursday Iquall Networks launched a new version of its CGNAT Collector at the 2015 Mobile World Congress, and this was the culmination of its participation in the most important and influential event of the mobile industry, which gathered in Barcelona more than 93,000 this year.

CGNAT Collector is a solution that allows to gather and store the logs of the translations carrier out by the Carrier Grade NAT (CGNAT) platforms. Moreover, it allows to integrally analyse the information collected in real time, and is compatible with the technologies of the leading vendors of the market, such as Cisco, Juniper, Huawei, etc.

The new version of the platform introduces a significant improvement in terms of performance, processing an average of 100,000 flows per second and supporting traffic peaks of 1,000,000 flows per second during short periods. Moreover, it adds new connection interfaces that increase their compatibility with CGNAT platforms even more, what makes it a multivendor solution.

Furthermore, the company announced that they are developing new products oriented to the Big Data market, which would increase their solutions offering Iquall Networks provides for the massive management of data.

The announcement made on last Thursday comes in addition to the one made a few days ago, which introduced the news for this year, both as regards the company’s VAS products and Mobiprobe —the technology that aims to analyse the performance of mobile networks from the user perspective. These announcements, together with the opening of its new offices in Latin America, consolidates the ongoing growth and its positioning as solution provider at worldwide level.

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