Iquall Networks making great strides with Iquall Channel Partner Program

The telecommunications company starts off its seventh year with a renewed partner program, whose objective is to help the company expand throughout the world in order to meet the growing demand for its solutions.

After having established valuable relationships with businesses of the industry (among which Juniper Networks, Nokia Network and IBM stand out), Iquall Networks has decided to create a program that focuses entirely on channel partners: the Iquall Channel Partner Program (ICPP). The program consists in generating new partnerships with different companies around the world so that they can add Iquall’s products and services to their portfolios. The program aims at creating a wider distribution network that allows to meet the growing demand at global level, as well as maintaining the distinctive quality of Iquall’s solutions.

Iquall Networks offers those who join the ICPP a series of benefits, among which we can highlight:

  1. Pre-sales and Post-sales support: exclusive support from a Partner Account Manager (PAM) and technical experts throughout the commercial process.
  2. Invitation to participate in joint business opportunities, such as RFIs, RFPs, etc.
  3. Tools that allow the partner to optimize the time and resources of its sales team.
  4. Marketing materials: from graphic material to assistance in the development of promotion programmes, we provide our partners with all the resources needed for their communications programmes to be a success.

Those are just some of the benefits that partners obtain when accessing the program. Furthermore, the company has announced they plan on adding further benefits and rewards  during the following phases of the program.

This new program demonstrates that the company is focused on working in tandem, using synergy as a key tool. This is evidenced by the other category of partnerships introduced by the company: Strategic Alliances. This category comprises the companies with which Iquall Networks has established partnerships that have proved to be efficient at achieving common goals.

From the beginning, Iquall Networks has stood out for its flexibility, professionalism and precision when it comes to offering products and services that meet the specific needs of its clients. This has led to the company’s building a basis of trust upon which it can now lean upon. There is great expectation that this young company will achieve impressive growth during the next years, mainly due to the impact that the Mobiprobe® products have had within the industry.

Iquall Networks has entered a new phase and invites all the companies of the telecommunications industry to apply to the program through its website, in which it is also possible to find further information about the company and details on the Iquall Channel Partner Program.



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