Iquall Networks Opens Offices in Mexico

Iquall Networks announced the opening of its new offices in Mexico City. This represents one further step in the company’s process of expansion, which will allow it to increase the company’s reach of the market. 


This event reflects Iquall Networks’ interest in strengthening its relation with local partners and clients – such as AT&T, Juniper and Nokia Networks – and consolidating the company in the region. In addition, the company is seeking to establish new commercial relations in order to broaden its horizons by extending its geographical scope.

The increase of the company’s operations in Mexico and the development of the country’s economy were the main reasons for this important decision. During the last 2 years, Mexico has been going through a period of large investments and organic development, resulting from competence, commercial strategies and the construction of infrastructure.

The CIU (The Competitive Intelligence Unit) allows to have a picture of the favourable situation existing in Mexico. According to its analysis, when assessing the final period of 2015, it is possible to see that the seasonality of such period prompted the mobile segment to reach a revenue of MXN 248,106, which amounts to an annual growth of 1.7% and represents 57.2% of the overall revenue of the telecommunications industry.

Moreover, it is expected that the growth of the economic activity, together with the increasing use of mobile services – mobile broadband, especially – will bring about a 5.7% growth in the segment during 2016.

“We see the current scenario in Mexico as an opportunity to increase our presence in an attractive and strategic market. We currently have various clients and a considerable number of success stories that involve the biggest telecommunication companies. That is why we made the strategic decision to open new offices in Mexico City, as they will allow us to be physically close to our clients and to continue added value to our services”, stated Matías, Lambert, Iquall Networks’ CEO.

Among the most important success stories, the implementation of the platforms MEM and SDP for one of the most important mobile operators of Mexico can be highlighted.

With its new office, Iquall Networks will support the companies of the industry throughout this phase of major changes and will help them to evolve along their environment.

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About Iquall Networks: Iquall Networks has more than ten years of professional experience in the provision of telecommunication services and platforms. The company’s goal is to provide comprehensive, scalable and flexible solutions that are also technically sustainable. The company’s main clients are the most important carriers and providers of the regional market. Its portfolio of products and services includes messaging platforms, CEM solutions, management systems and networking, training and consultancy services.

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