Juniper Networks’ J-Partner

Iquall Networks has been made part of Juniper Networks’ J-Partner Implement Specialist program.

This Juniper Networks’ certification, which is granted only after invitation and careful analysis of the partner-to-be, is aimed at guaranteeing that an enterprise has a highly qualified professional staff, specialized in field work, technological installations and developments.

In order to get this certification, it is also necessary to have experience and knowledge of Juniper Networks’ technology and top-quality procedures.

Our professionals’ know-how, as well as their experience acquired during the implementation of a big number of projects in Latin America, has earned us this formal ackowledgement by one of the world’s leader telecommunications enterprise.

This certification also means that Iquall Networks is now in a position to offer higher-quality services, since we have special acces to further education resources, troubleshooting tools, etc.

Iquall Networks is an enterprise specialized in the provision of telecommunications services, platforms and systems for the telecommunications market. We are strongly committed to providing world-class services and products. Our portfolio of clients includes all kinds of actors within the telecommunications industry: developers, platform and service providers, carriers and players. Their clients in turn are telecommunications carriers (like Nextel, Movistar, etc.), and carriers’ platform and service providers (such as Ericsson, NSN, Juniper Networks, etc.).

We also have our own developing center, as well as a series of strategical alliances, which enable us to offer a wide portfolio of products.


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