New Courses on Networking

Based on our knowledge of the telecommunications market and our experience in the implementation of high complexity projects in various Latin American countries, we have designed two courses on networking: ‘Network Planning and Design’ and ‘MPLS’.

The content of the courses is designed to suit the specific needs of the Latin American market, which we know well because we are constantly working with leading regional enterprises.

Iquall Networks is at the forefront as regards knowledge of the cutting-edge technologies and services available. Accordingly, our courses are constantly being updated, taking into account the latest technological changes taking place within the market.

Our training programs provide the knowledge and tools which are necessary to plan and design the modern telecommunications networks that today’s market demands. They are aimed at solving some of the issues which may arise when carrying out the network planning and defining the network design, or when determining the optimum strategy for the implementation of new services and the increase of a network’s capacity.

The following is a short description of what these new courses include:

Network Planning and Design

Objective: Understand the impact the increasing number of services and users has on an existing infrastructure, analyze the risks and limitations of the technologies available in today’s market in order to make the correct decision when defining which is the optimum solution as to costs, and implementation and start-up time.

We have decided to create this course based on the needs of the local market as regards services, and its impending necessity to migrate from the use of legacy networks to next generation networks (NGNs).

Our Network Planning and Design program covers the following topics in detail:

  • Data networks design methodology
  • Concepts of scalability, availability, performance, security, management, usefulness, adjustability, and viability
  • Analysis of the existing infrastructure
  • Network traffic characterization
  • Network topology designing tools
  • Redirecting model design
  • Routing protocol selection
  • Secure networks design
  • Data distribution and handling
  • Remote access technologies
  • Transport and backbone technologies
  • Examples of implementations and ‘best practices’

MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching)

MPLS networks are widely used by telecommunications companies. They have become a necessary step towards the implementation of a multiservice NGN.

Based on our vast experience in the implementation of MPLS networks within the region, we have designed the Multiprotocol Label Switching training program. Its syllabus covers the following concepts:

  • MPLS networks working principles
  • Routing in MPLS networks
  • Traffic engineering
  • Traffic protection
  • Layer 2 and layer 3 VPNs
  • Quality of service
  • Security
  • Interconnection with legacy networks
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