New Program for Partners

Iquall Networks has extended its partners program, offering current and future partners the possibility of working together to create new business opportunities and gain access to new market sectors. Likewise, the aim is also to diversify the services and products portfolio, and to expand operations in the telecommunications market.

Through this program, we are open to the possibility of working together with companies with which there is a potential synergy where services are concerned.

Having been offcial partners of Juniper Networks for 3 years now, we are currently working with and providing services to many enterprises and carriers and we are also colaborating with the main suppliers of the market.

‘At Iquall Networks, we think that commercial alliances are opportunities for mutual growth, which in turn make it possible to offer flexibility to both your clients and ours, as well as to differenciate our solutions within the market,’ stated Marcos Sitz, Iquall Networks’ Commercial Director, during the presentation of this program.

We aim at bringing together our experience and specialized knowledge in telecommunications with our allies and partners’ expertise so as to offer solutions which suit our clients’ needs.

Iquall Networks is an enterprise specialized in the provision of world-class telecommunications services, platforms and systems for the telecommunications market. We are strongly committed to providing first-class services and products. Our portfolio of clients includes all kinds of players within the telecommunications industry: developers, platform and service providers, carriers and players. Their clients in turn are telecommunications carriers (like Nextel, Movistar, etc.), and carriers’ platform and service providers (such as Ericsson, NSN, Juniper Networks, etc.).

We also have our own developing center, as well as a series of strategical alliances, which enable us to offer a wide portfolio of products.


For further information on our program for partners, please go to Partners.

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