Sharp Reduction of the Volume of Spam Due to the Implementation of Iquall Networks’ CSE® Security Solution

A marked reduction of messaging spam has been confirmed after a series of mesurements carried out in the networks of leading mobile operators who have installed Iquall Networks’ security solutions. These solutions have been able to detect and mitigate massive or fraudulent traffic, which sometimes reaches 20 per cent of the total amount of traffic flowing through the network.

Iquall Networks’ CSE® enables the application of control and filtering rules, which in turn provides statistical data on the ‘top offenders’ and ‘top destinations’ regarding spam sending. It also carries out an analysis of the most used words within spam messages, allowing operators to create a database which will afterwards be useful to examine the various messages which enter their network and are marked as ‘possible spam’.

At the same time, the information obtained during this process is used to optimize rules, as well as to create more accurate and ‘self-learning’ filters which, according to network managers, ‘continually adjust their mechanisms to the modifications spammers do as part of their spam-sending strategies’.


Description of CSE®

CSE® is a solution specially developed by Iquall Networks to control and filter spam messages of the SMS, MMS, SMTP type and, generally, every fraudulent message which can be rauted by the Messaging Gateway. This grants mobile operators the control of the network and the possibility of elaborating statistical reports from the traffic analyzed by the filtering engine.

CSE® offers benefits for:

  • Mobile operators: control of the traffic circulating through their network; improvement of the projected image regarding the messaging service they provide, since users have control of the content they receive; increase of quality parameters, due to a reduction of the spam within their network and an increase of their network’s availability.
  • End users: a more confortable and less invasive experience of the messaging service, the possibility of personalizing which kind of messages they want to receive, enabling them to block certain numbers or manage the subscription to specific services.


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