Mobile Identity Provider
Centralized identity services using user authentication via SMS, USSD, SAML, OAUTH v2 and Mobile Connect for web services and APPs integrated with the operator. The solution serves as authentication and single-sign-on (SSO) for third parties, proprietary applications of the operator, content providers and OTTs.
Direct Carrier Billing
In some cases, the unbanked represent more than 70% of the market. With DCB, the operator can serve as a mediator by allowing its customers to subscribe to services such as HBO GO and Netflix, using their telephone number as payment method. DCB can be integrated to the SDP as a module, or can exist independently. It offers the uses cases and workflows needed for its integration with several OTTs.
Service Delivery Platform screenshot

Service Delivery Platform

SDP adds a layer of abstraction between the network elements and the value added service providers (VASP)

  • The VASP access the network through standard interfaces exposed by the SDP
  • The SDP applies the different business logics and rules according to each VAS’ needs
  • The SDP accesses the network resources: SMSC, MMSC, GMLC (Location), OCS, USSD GW, etc.
Service Delivery Platform

Messaging & VAS Solutions

Our messaging solutions are the result of the combination of different modules of MEM – our legacy messaging platform – and other Iquall Networks’ or third party’s platforms

Service Delivery Platform

Iquall SDP is a comprehensive solution for the management of the life cycle of Value Added Services (VAS): creation, management, control, development and deployment.

Through a unified platform, it handles the interaction among:


Content and service providers


Mobile Campaign Manager

Mobile Campaign Manager (MCM) is a comprehensive solution for the deployment of messaging campaigns.

Provides a centralized system for managing and sending messages, making the operation easier and improving the delivery to the subscribers.
Facilitates the implementation of marketing strategies and takes advantage of the messaging channel to retain clients.

Messaging Environment Manager

MEM® is our global messaging solutions, which is installed in the networks of many major mobile operators of the region.

Its main functions are:

  • Advanced routing of SMS/MMS
  • Protocol conversion
  • Integration and management of value added services
  • Traffic and content appraisal
  • User and network control

Mobile Billing System

  • Is integrated with the billing servers through Diameter or Parlay.
  • Modifies the cost of the message according to the source/destination number and to the campaign to which the user subscribes.
  • Management of shortcodes.
Pack of messages at a fixed price (limited or unlimited)
Discounts on the price of messages per date
SOS top up
Number of free messages per time slot
Cost differentiation by time slot
Inter-carrier messages at a differential price
Free-of-charge numbers
Discounts per number of messages

First Delivery Attempt

The First Delivery Attempt (FDA) solution has been designed for optimizing the use of messaging networks and SMSCs.

  • Allows SMS to be sent without passing through the SMSC first
  • Is integrated to the SDP’s architecture as a new enabler
  • Perfect for special SMS: voting, polls, campaigns, contests, surveys
  • Prevents possible network congestions in a simple way
With FDA, only 10% of SMS traffic goes to the SMSC, resulting in savings in terms of costs, licenses and network nodes.

Customized Security Engine

Customized Security Engine allows the mobile operator to filter SPAM or fraudulent traffic, deleting the unwanted messages that go through the network.

Benefits for the mobile operator
  • Service control
  • Improvement of the public image
  • Improves the quality of service
Benefits for the end user
  • Improves the user experience
  • Makes decisions about its own traffic due to service customization

What is needed

Many mobile operators and service providers are going through their messaging and value added services management platforms’ end-of-life periods.

  • High update and maintenance costs
  • ARPU reduction for these services
  • Threats to the earning of revenue
A solution that allows to reduce this platforms’ OPEX and to improve the revenues is needed.

Virtual VAS

Virtual VAS combines all the systems needed for the messaging and value added market on a NFV platform.
It is the result of the integration of different platforms, both proprietary and from our technological partners.

Virtual VAS
OPEX and CAPEX curbing
Platforms deployed in the leading operators of the region
Simplified operation
Flexibility and scalability in one single NFV platform
Management of all services from a single platform
Reduced time-to-market for the deployment of new VNFs

Success stories

We have major success stories replacing core platforms in reduced project times and allowing savings in OPEX and CAPEX of more than 80%

AT&T México

We provided a Service Delivery Platform that supports more than 11 million subscribers

Entel Perú

We implemented our Messaging GW and Mobile Campaign Manager solutions

ICE Costa Rica

We provided the design, configuration, installation and implementation of the platforms MEM and SDP (SMS, MMS, VAS).