Why CGNAT Analytics

Pursuant to various regulations, th CSPs must be able to provide the relation between a public IP used and the subscriber’s identity upon government request
CGNAT solution’s visibility
Many CSPs do not have any automated mechanisms for the collection of KPIs of their CGN solution, resulting in an increase in OPEX and lack of consolidated reports for IP planning
IP authentication
Different use case scenarios require that a private IP be translated into MSISDN for tha handling of web requests made from the user’s device
Integration of network data with Big Data solutions
CSPs are not currently using all the information generted on their CGNAT solutions that provides great insights into the business

Features for regulatory compliance

The solution allows to query in real time about active and historical sessions from a web interface. It may be queried in pull mode or it may be pushed to other servers via FTP or similar protocols

It supports different types of queries, which may be filtered by port, protocol, NAT domain, date range, etc.:

  • Public IP to Private IP
  • Private IP to Public IP
  • MSISDN to Private IP
  • Public IP to MSISDN
  • Private IP to MSISDN
CGNAT Analytics screenshot

Product Highlights

  • Multivendor solution for processing and storing CGNAT logs
  • Supports Juniper and Cisco hardware both for Dynamic Allocation and for PBA
  • More than 500K TPS per collector and 2M TPS per solution
  • Distributed DB architecture designed for very high performance
  • Integrated with AAA, DHCP and external DB for queries about subscriber ID


  • Separation of the information capture plane and the storage and report plane.
  • Scalability according to the demand and the needs of each CGNAT implementation.
CGNAT Analytics internal architecture
CGNAT Analytics


CGNAT Analytics provides Big Data systems with visibility of the IP traffic without needing to implement network probes or DPIs. It allows to generate lists of customers that use or do not use Netflix and YouTube. 
CGNAT Analytics screenshot
CGNAT Analytics screenshot