Automation for CSP

Fully customizable, vendor-agnostic and open-standard automation framework, enabling SDN and NFV architecture use-cases for challenging solution requirements on every successful Communications Service Provider

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Automation Use – Cases for different CSP areas

MAT allows the CSP to build customized use cases that suit their needs the best, using well known market standard programming languages and techniques such as python, ansible and much more. We have a wide use-cases portfolio of proven network automation solutions based on MATs platform.
Communications Service Providers can benefit from leading automation concepts such as Intent Based Networking, Model Driven Networks and Closed-loop automation on a truly open platform, that delivers a deeper level of intelligence and intended state insights on network planning and operation. These insights replace the manual processes of gathering network data, configuring it and reacting to network issues.

Flexible, open and multi-vendor

Being one of the most flexible, open and vendor-agnostic automation platform available on the market, MAT can host many use-case solutions on a single instance platform and on each step of the process. As real cases examples, an CSP can have a mobile use-case for 5G eNodeB KPI gathering, checking and alerting while also having a DC services controller use-case on the same framework automation platform.

CSP oriented
MAT can help you in every network service lifecycle stages.
  • 1. Plan
  • 2. Design
  • 3. Deploy
  • 4. Operate
  • 5. Assess
Simple, Fast and Modular

We have proven experience among several countries and many CSPs

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