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CGNAT Analytics

CGNAT allows you to track the most utilized traffic and services by customers, providing transparency in associating user identifiers, private and public IP addresses, as well as service names. Simultaneously, allows you to leverage this data to monetize the network through advanced analytics, enabling you to offer personalized services and generate additional value for your customers. With CGNAT, you can not only get insights from your network but also unlock new business opportunities.

Integrated Solution

CGNAT Collector integrates different functionalities that add value to the Service Provider both at a technical and business level.

cgnat integrated solution

Why CGNAT Analytics?

Many legislations require CSPs to be able to provide the relationship between the Public IP used and the subscriber's identity upon governmental request.

Many CSPs do not have automated mechanisms for collecting KPIs from their CGN solution, which implies OPEX expenses and lack of consolidated reports for planning IP.

Different usage scenarios require performing private IP to MSISDN translation when handling Web requests from the user's device.

Currently, CSPs are not making use of all the information generated in their CGNAT solution which brings a lot of insights to the business.

Platform Highlights

Multivendor solution for log processing and storage/netflow CGNAT.

Vendor support for Juniper, Cisco, F5, Huawei, A10 for Dynamic Allocation, PBA and Det.

More than 500K TPS per collector and scalable to more than 100 TB of storage.

Distributed DB architecture designed for very high performance.

Integrates with AAA, DHCP and external DB to query by subscriber ID.

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