CGNAT Analytics

Know where your clients are navigating and what services/sites are the most used ones.
Gain the ability to report User_ID, Private IP, Public IP and Name services associations to add value from a regulatory, legal and business perspective.

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cgnat analytics product

Meet regulatory standards.
Gain value business insights

CGNAT Analytics is a high performance solution that allows Communications Service Providers to register every single Public IP – Private IP – User ID NAT translation that is generated on their platforms, in order to fulfill the current regulations. Moreover, it offers singular characteristics that add value to both technical and business matters.

One platform for all CGN solutions
Multivendor platform enables storing, processing and querying each translation performed in the system, active or historical
Suitable for any kind of CSP
Compatible with AAA for Mobile providers, DHCP for HFC/Cable providers and custom external Databases to correlate User ID (MSISDN, IMSI, Client_ID, etc).
Multivendor support
Support connectivity with CGNAT Solutions from Juniper, Cisco, A10, Huawei, Fortinet solutions, oriented to DA and PBA
Analyze and correlate information in its own Analytics and generate customized reports
Flexible Integration
Compatible with Big Data systems, through CDRs and/or web services to collaborate in business analysis

CGNAT Analytics Solutions

CGNAT Analytics is able to add value in communications service providers different scenarios:
screenshots of value-added solutions in reguations

Current regulations demand CSP to provide information on the link between Public IP and the User ID, by government requirement. CGNAT Analytics captures and stores all the translations performed in the CGNAT platform and matches them with the user identity thanks to its integration with external platforms such as Radius server, DHCP server or GGSN/PGW.

CGNAT Analytics is able to perform and export real time queries over active and historical sessions through its web interface, with different filtering options: port, protocol, NAT domain, date range, etc.

screenshots of value-added solutions in solution visibility

CGNAT Analytics allows to configure and get different KPIs from automated queries performed to CGNAT boards and modules. This information can be checked in its historical and current values to help the CSPs improve resource usage; collaborating with the IP planning and reducing OPEX.

Examples of those statistics are:

  • Subscribers in time, globally, per site or per CGNAT platform
  • Active sessions, registered in the system
  • Public IP pools usage percentage; etc.
screenshot of value-added solutions in IP authentication

Different authorization servers use Oauth (Open Authorization) to give access to a third party to user’s protected resources, on his behalf. CGNAT Analytics can adapt to this scenario, solving the IP – User IP link, without querying the CSP AAA platform, reducing network complexity and potential extra costs.

screenshot of value-added solutions in Big Data

CGNAT Analytics is able to integrate the CGNAT and AAA gathered information, through CDRs, to CSP systems. Through this integration, new reports and statistics can be generated to bring new insights to the business

  • Unified reports
  • Site statistics
  • Capacity planning related information
  • OTTs usage per region
screenshot of value-added solutions in multi domain

CGNAT Analytics can contribute to networks with a large number of users in which Private IP quantity can be a problem. Not only, can it guarantee the association between Public and Private IP, but also specify device groups, using all IPv4 private IPs. This way, these groups can be unequivocally identified, recognizing any subscriber with a determined private address, even if it is used by more than one.


CGNAT Analytics has all its modules with a distributed and scalable architecture. Due to its high performance design, it can reach more than 500K TPS per collector and 100 TB in storage. Besides, it can be implemented in bare-metal HW or virtualized servers in NFV environments.

Gather NAT translations and receive AAA created sessions, using different methods. Designed to support the CGNAT boards’ capacity and interconnectivity to different vendors through their multiple interfaces.
Storage and report servers
Store all data collected. Designed to support customized retention periods. The web interface is used to manage the system and generate statistics and reports. Also, they have interfaces to be integrated to external systems.
cgnat analytics arquitecture

Architecture Advantages

Messages capture is splitted from storage and report, allowing the servers to be adapted to demand requirements, increasing its processing capacity. Thought to scale as CGN and AAA platforms do.
High Availability and geographical redundancy
High performance and availability platform with HA advanced design. The modular architecture avoids register loss, due to high tolerance to failures and automatic recovery.
Information gathered in collectors is safely kept in the storage and report cluster, avoiding data leak. Web services and secure connections give access to it, fulfilling industry standards.
External systems integration
CGNAT Analytics is provided with different interfaces, allowing external systems interconnection. Support integration with multi vendor CGNAT boards, as well as AAA, DHCP, DNS and monitoring platforms through Syslog and SNMP.