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Network Automation in its most advanced stages requires that all the elements that make up a management network are integrated. It does so quickly and simply, using the pre-built integrations already developed by Iquall. With an open architecture, clients can autonomously and independently build their own customized integrations, but with all the facilities provided by the framework MAT can be integrated with any platform on the market, with more than 30 integrated vendors and 300 integrations made, positioning our framework as the most integrable on the market.

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Network Elements Models

List of Integrations

Discover this exhaustive list of pre-built integrations offered by MAT, empowering you to deploy network automation capabilities effortlessly. These integrations provide a seamless and efficient way to create end-to-end automations across diverse network domains, eliminating the need to start from square one. With MAT’s pre-built integrations, you can expedite your automation journey and quickly achieve remarkable results.

ok vio 1 Accedian Skylight
ok vio 1 ADVA
ok vio 1 Akamai
ok vio 1 Ansible
ok vio 1 Arista Networks vEOS
ok vio 1 Arriss
ok vio 1 Atlassian Jira
ok vio 1 Avaya POM
ok vio 1 AWS
ok vio 1 Azure

ok vio 1 Bluecat BAM
ok vio 1 Blue Coat
ok vio 1 BMC Remedy
ok vio 1 Broadcom ICOS

ok vio 1  Casa Systems
ok vio 1  Ciena
ok vio 1  Cisco  AireOS
ok vio 1  Cisco ASA
ok vio 1  Cisco IOS
ok vio 1  Cisco IOS-XE
ok vio 1  Cisco IOS-XR
ok vio 1  Cisco Meraki
ok vio 1  Cisco NX-OS
ok vio 1  Cisco NSO
ok vio 1  Cisco Prime
ok vio 1  Cisco  S200
ok vio 1  Cisco SG300
ok vio 1 Cisco UCS

ok vio 1 Dell OpenManage

ok vio 1 Elasticsearch
ok vio 1 ENM (Ericsson Network Manager)
ok vio 1 Ericsson IPOS
ok vio 1 Ericsson IPOS MINI-LINK 66XX & 63XX
ok vio 1 Extreme Networks MLX/NetIron
ok vio 1 Extreme TierraOS
ok vio 1 Extreme VSP

ok vio 1 F5
ok vio 1
Fortinet FortiOS

ok vio 1 Google Workspace

ok vio 1 HP One View
ok vio 1 HP Temip
ok vio 1 Huawei MAE
ok vio 1 Huawei NCE
ok vio 1 Huawei NGN
ok vio 1 Huawei Quidway
ok vio 1 Huawei U2000
ok vio 1 Huawei U2020

ok vio 1 IBM Netcool

ok vio 1  Juniper ScreenOS
ok vio 1  Juniper JunOs

ok vio 1 Microsoft SQL Server
ok vio 1
Microsoft Teams

ok vio 1 Nessus
ok vio 1 Nokia Netact

ok vio 1 Openstack
ok vio 1 Oracle Communications Operations Monitor
ok vio 1 Oracle Communications Session Border Controller
ok vio 1 Oracle Field Service

ok vio 1 Palo Alto Networks PAN-OS

ok vio 1 Red Hat Virtualization Manager

ok vio 1 Salesforce CRM
ok vio 1 SolarWinds Orion
ok vio 1 Splunk

ok vio 1
ok vio 1  Twilio

ok vio 1  Viavi Nitro
ok vio 1  VMWare ESXi
ok vio 1  Vmware Vsphere
ok vio 1  Vyatta VyOS

ok vio 1 Wireless DNA

ok vio 1 ZTE ZXROS

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