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MAT is a state of the art network automation platform, that enables the Communications Service Provider to define and build its own use cases, in a way that suits its needs the best

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Build your own Automation Use-Cases

Let’s assume your Company wants to offer a new service that involves multiple network elements. Instead of using traditional methods, you can integrate your planning, engineering, provisioning and operation procedures in one tool. At the same time, that tool automatically creates open APIs to integrate it with your CRM, Customer Services and Customer Portals.
That tool is able to optimize the time-to-market and time to cash as well as Capex and Opex. Last but not least, it can also improve the network security and optimize the way your engineers work. All of those are typical triggers of network automation use cases using MAT.

MAT is a highly scalable automation framework that enables complex automation processes involving network elements from multiple network domains, different service platforms and most important, taking into account your business service definitions. It has integrated ML (Machine Learning) and AI (Artificial Intelligence) modules to enhance network solutions and provide really value added use-cases.
MAT can also perform as a network domain controller, that acts as a central control point for network activity. Its flexibility and modularity makes it a perfect asset on the SDN and NFV working models.
Our main goal is to provide incremental value-added on telecommunications use cases.

MAT in the Network Service LifeCycle

Take a look at the topics where MAT can help in every stage of a Communication Service Provider network service LifeCycle. MAT can help and contribute on each step of the process, from planning and designing to implementation, operation and service health assessment
Network Service LifeCycle Plan

Use-Cases on MAT are designed not only to solve a network problem or challenge, but to take into account business needs and definitions in order to provide real value added solutions. These solutions include management reports and insight data that let the planning team have the proper information available for new services and network architecture definitions.
MAT can improve this stage by providing:

  • Management and network planning summarized reports, with current and forecasted valuable information
  • Multi-source integrated query interface and reports, given by MAT´s advanced inventory module
  • Cultural organization change training at all organization levels, included as part of our proposal
Network Service LifeCycle Design

Each service or network architecture can have its own particularities. MAT Use-Cases are designed to be vendor agnostic (multi-vendor capability) and even be suitable for multiple network domains (multi-domain capability). These extraordinary features allow the Communication Service Provider to have on a single automation platform multiple solutions for different domains of the network, such as the access layer, backhaul, datacom, packet core, edge, mpls backbone, datacenter, private cloud, etc.
MAT can improve this stage by providing:

  • Service and Network architecture data modeling, based on the flexible data entity definition on MAT’s inventory
  • Vendor agnostic automation workflow definitions
  • wide range of external platform integrations available, for real value added automations
  • Network audits and compliance analysis, trends and reports
Network Service LifeCycle Deploy

Deployment of new services or new network architectures can be very challenging tasks on brown fields, where services have to be deployed on top of the current live network.
MAT can significantly improve this stage by providing:

  • End-to-End service Orchestration
  • Physical and logical data modeling layout
  • True Intent-based networking automation workflows
  • Technology triggered migration workflows
  • Snapshot analysis comparison and report (pre vs post MW comparison)
  • Administrative level workflow definitions (BPM based)
Network Service LifeCycle Operate

In a true automated and orchestrated environment, automation of the network operation tasks have to be considered from the very first phase of the design.
MAT can significantly improve this stage by providing:

  • A fully customizable User Portal for automation use-case end users 
  • Automation workflows that allow for:
    • Network service homologations and validations
    • Orchestration tasks
    • Service oriented troubleshooting
    • Service oriented telemetry
Network Service LifeCycle Assess

Network assessment is vital to have a proper visibility of new services performance on the network, so planning and engineering teams can make better decisions. Detailed analysis of network usage and performance is paramount to effectively managing network environment.
MAT can improve this stage by providing:

  • Network KPIs extraction and storage, on an scalable and highly available platform
  • Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) based analysis, allowing for forecast predictions and capacity planning reports
  • Network events management and handling
  • Network availability and what-if analysis simulations

We have proven experience among several countries and many CSPs

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MAT Portals

As a multi-purpose highly scalable automation platform, MAT provides different portals according to the user role and the task is about to perform. In that regards, MAT offers an Admin Portal (full use-cases and resources administration), a Developer Portal (coding and testing automation use-cases) and a User Portal (end user operation of every available use-case)

Admin Portal

The Admin portal allows an administrator to administer and configure every aspect of MAT, including but not restricted to every running and scheduled job, every automation (Network Workflows, Network Tasks, etc), every high level business process (BPM) and every aspect related to the platform behaviour, such as the allowed concurrency of each automation and the running sandbox at any time.

screenshot of Mat automation Admin Portal


Sandbox environment (testing and developing environment) provides everything necessary for coding and testing new automation use cases in an independent, isolated and secured environment, from where developers can work and generate new code elements in a safe and controlled way. It has a narrowed view of network elements provided by an automatic and non-avoidable filtering to restrict the visibility of network elements to only those that are marked as laboratory.

screenshot of Mat automation Sandbox Portal

User Portal

The user portal allows an administrator or a use-case developer to define the sections of the use case operation to which a certain user, group of users or customers will have access to. The modules allow specifying the different use-case sections that will be accessible from a portal configured, parameterized and customized for this purpose, eliminating the need of having to offer them access to the complete graphical administration management.

screenshot of Mat automation User Portal

MAT Fundamentals

With it’s Hyper Converged infrastructure architecture based on containers and Kubernetes, MAT can provide real HA capabilities, rapid deployment and almost no network outage on upgrade operations.

A Job in MAT represents any automation execution of any kind of available application. As such ..
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MATs Job Manager also offers the possibility of viewing all the schedules created and...
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Network Workflows
Network Workflow application allows you to define and control the execution of automation...
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Network Tasks
Task application allows the user to run simple and straightforward automations...
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Data Modeling
Data modeling in MAT aims for model, manage and store the entities and information structures...
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Continuous Integration (CI/CD)
Continuous Integration manager is in charge of finding and managing the changes in elements of...
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Machine Learning Module
The Machine Learning module incorporated in MAT allows, in a parameterizable way...
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Performance Module
The performance measurement module is a module mainly used both for reports of specific...
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Advanced Inventory Module
MAT’s Advanced Inventory Module is an extremely versatile module that allows you to combine...
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Events Handling Module
Events Handling Module is a module integrated in MAT mainly used to perform analysis of...
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Examples of MAT Implemented Use-Cases

This section shows just a few examples of a wide use-cases portfolio that Iquall Networks has on proven network automation solutions based on MATs platform. Being one of the most flexible, open and multi-vendor automation platform available on the market, MAT can host many use-case solutions on a single instance platform.

1MAT Example Implemented in Node B deployment enhancements Use Case
Node B Deployment Enhancements
Complete automated engineering and provisioning solution for a multi-vendor RAN Network, on an automation umbrella to agilize the RAN rollout process.
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2MAT Example Implemented in Automated Private APN Orchestration Use Case
Automated Private APNs Orchestration
Fully featured automated solution for time consuming configurations and manual approval on a multi-domain and multi-vendor environment, reducing the time to market of the APN – VPN service.
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3MAT Example Implemented in Corporate CPEs Zero Touch Provisioning Use Case
Corporate CPEs ZTP
Day 0 & Day 1 CPE and services automated deployment on a multi-vendor / multi-model CPE use-case, for a major latin american communication service provider with high defined standards and millions of customers.
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