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Press Release - Iquall Networks

Iquall Networks Addresses Telecommunications Industry Automation

Miami, Florida. –  March 8, 2024 –As part of MWC 2024, automation emerges as a central theme on the event’s agenda. In an exclusive interview with, Carlos Brito, Vice President of Global Sales at Iquall Networks, delved into the topic, highlighting the challenges and opportunities facing companies in this transformative process.

Brito described automation as a complex journey, where various components are essential to ensuring success in implementing these solutions. He emphasized the value of Iquall Networks’ network engineering approach, noting that the automation proposition arises directly from this technical background.

“We believe our primary differentiator lies in our DNA, rooted in the experience of our founders as network engineers in the telecommunications sector. This technical foundation allows us to develop solutions tailored to the current market needs,” Brito said.

Iquall Networks’ VP of Global Sales also addressed the challenges facing operators today, including managing the demand for new services and the technological evolution from 3G to 4G and 5G. Furthermore, Brito highlighted the component of cultural transformation within the package offered by Iquall Networks, stating,

“Within the package that we are offering, we always bring the component of cultural transformation of the operators. What that combination assures to our customers is the fact that they have the freedom to operate on their terms to accelerate the automation process to the way that they want without depending on a specific vendor and bring the operators to a whole different level of operations.”

For more details on key aspects of automation and the challenges it presents for operators, please visit to view the full interview.


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