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Press Release - Iquall Networks

Iquall Networks Collaborates with CAMARA Project to Advance 5G Application-to-Network Integration

Miami, Florida – February 20, 2024 –  Iquall Networks is excited to announce it’s collaborating with the Linux Foundation’s CAMARA project, the Telco global API alliance that works closely with the GSMA. The work aims to revolutionize the telecommunication industry by facilitating the integration of applications with advanced network capabilities, particularly within the burgeoning 5G landscape. Iquall Networks’ involvement in this project underscores its commitment to driving innovation and enhancing customer experiences through cutting-edge network functionalities.

 The introduction of 5G technology has unveiled powerful new network capabilities, extending and significantly enhancing functions that were partially available in 4G. These advancements enable unprecedented levels of information extraction and network configuration. The open collaboration among CAMARA and its roster of sponsors and contributors, such as Iquall Networks, is pivotal, aiming to transform operator networks into service enablement platforms. This transformation is crucial for delivering an enhanced, service-tailored customer experience by enabling secure, on-demand, and controlled exposure of network capabilities.

“Through our contributions to CAMARA and the invaluable support from the Linux Foundation and the GSMA, we’re taking significant strides towards simplifying the telecommunications ecosystem for our customers. Collaborative efforts are deeply focused on enabling operators to monetize their networks in the most effective way possible. By making advanced network capabilities accessible and easy to consume through user-friendly APIs, we’re not only ensuring compliance with data privacy and regulatory standards but also enhancing the integration between applications and telecom networks. This approach is pivotal in unlocking new opportunities for innovation and value creation within the telecom sector,” stated  Germán Pérez Trozzi, VP of Product and Marketing at Iquall Networks.

Markus Kümmerle, Chair of CAMARA Outreach Committee says, “Globally available, intend based, easy to consume open telco APIs are the foundation of a successful ecosystem enabling scaleable business for telcos, software vendors and end customers. We appreciate the participation of Iquall Networks with CAMARA, helping to bring our vision into real life.”

 Iquall Networks is proud to contribute to  the open, collaborative work that’s bridging the gap between telecommunications networks and digital applications and to set new industry standards, fully unlocking the potential of 5G technology for businesses and consumers worldwide.

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