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Press Release - Iquall Networks

Iquall Networks joins a Moonshots Catalyst by TM Forum

Miami, Florida – February 12, 2024 – Iquall Networks is pleased to announce its participation in the transformative Moonshot Catalyst project, AI-ML Smart Network CAPEX, hosted by TM Forum. This groundbreaking initiative brings together key industry players such as Orange, AWS and Locatium AI to harness the power of AI and machine learning technologies to improve operational efficiency across the board.

The AI-ML Smart Network CAPEX project addresses critical challenges faced by CSPs, with a targeted focus on improving capital expenditure efficiency and reducing operational expenditures. By integrating advanced AI insights, the project aims to narrow the discrepancy between projected outcomes and actual operational performance, thereby improving the accuracy of commercial forecasting.

At Iquall Networks, we are poised to contribute our deep-rooted expertise in network automation and AI-driven solutions to this collaborative effort. Our unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation perfectly complements the project’s ambitious goals.

Hernán Gonzalez, our Innovation Manager, emphasized the importance of this collaboration:

“Our involvement in the TM Forum’s Moonshot Catalyst program with industry leaders underscores our commitment to fostering smarter, more efficient networks capable of responding proactively to the dynamic needs of business.”

As a participant in the Moonshot Catalyst program, Iquall Networks is proud to work alongside esteemed industry counterparts, driving the advancement of AI and automation within the telecom sector. We are honored to contribute to this initiative, focusing on developing practical, forward-thinking solutions for the telecommunications industry’s future.

For additional details about the AI-ML Smart Network CAPEX project and Iquall Networks’ role, please visit our website at the TM Forum’s project page: Website link.


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About Iquall Networks:
We are Iquall Networks, a worldwide class leader company specialized in providing software solutions to leading companies of the telecommunications market.
We have come a long way since our first release of global messaging and management solution in 2008 to today’s fully agnostic Network Automation solutions focused on delivering cutting-edge technologies.
Our highly talented and professional staff develop agile next-generation networks for our customers, joining with them into the transformation journey in the automation and artificial intelligence era.As a socially responsible company, we consider the ecological impact in every technological development we carry out.
We believe our staff is what defines us, highly qualified professionals who understand our clients’ needs and provide unique technological solutions to address those needs. We have a strict ethics code and the transparency in our business with clients and providers is essential for us.

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