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blog 6 tips to empower your online training

6 tips to empower your online training

Is it possible to learn something that will probably change my professional career overnight? Unless you are someone like Albert Einstein, Elon Musk, Bill Gates or Steve Jobs, the answer is probably “no”. However, you should not worry or rush. You should be persistent and take small steps.

At Meet Iquall Learning Portal we describe the “e-learning” portal developed by Iquall to assist CSP in their transformation processes. Nevertheless, in order to make the most of the tool, we need to acquire certain competences and habits. In a constantly changing world (a technological one), we have been through that and this is why I would like to share with you some pieces of advice that may help you benefit from learning with on-demand courses.

1. Consider why you are taking the course. What is your objective? Learning? Enlarging your CV? Strengthening previous knowledge? Or just spending some time? The reason why will let you make the best decisions before and during the course. We must be honest with ourselves regarding this matter and take some minutes to meditate on the real answer behind our motivation.

2. Read descriptions carefully. They usually contain very important information about the course, the average time expected, who takes the course, who it is aimed at, etc.

3. Find a study partner. Teamwork maximizes chances of success in any project, and this is not the exception. A partner encourages you, makes compromises with you, and offers you a different point of view. A partner can explain something you have not completely understood (or the other way around). There is no better way to learn than teaching.

4. Make a study plan based on the structure of the course taking into account the amount of hours you are willing to invest and if you have found a partner, taking into account both your schedules. Do not forget to use some kind of notification. It does not necessarily have to be a special application, your phone calendar will do. The most important factor is not to procrastinate or not to let units accumulate.

5. Use support tools, not necessarily applications. Get out of the screen, use a notebook and a pen to take notes, use Post It, and if you have a whiteboard, even better. Printers are not forbidden. You can print useful texts or diagrams. Digitalization has nothing to do with printing on paper. You can use eco copier paper or recycle old paper in order to be environmentally responsible.

6. Enjoy the process. If a course is uphill, drop it. Scorpions’ “No pain no gain” from the nineties, later used by many sports people, has taught us a lot. Learning is a transformation process that is worth the effort.

There are no magical recipes, everyone has to find the best strategies. We live in an era in which we have lots of tools to improve professionally. Being able to reskill and upskill in a fast way is a big advantage when it comes to offer our services or adding value to the company.

Maybe, we will not create a space shuttle, discover a new theorem or invent new devices to change the world, but if we are able to improve every day, having the feeling of learning something new and being closer to the objective, it will be enough to feel fulfilled. And, who knows? Maybe after continuously trying, your name might be used as an example in future blogs.