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Meet our talents: Analía Giménez

1. What are your most important responsibilities and challenges as the Customer Support Operations Manager at Iquall Networks?
My responsibilities include properly managing incidents/queries from both internal and end customers, as well as developing effective communication and action strategies. I measure the performance of the products we offer to our customers, taking into account the type of product and the impact each of them has. The most important challenges as the Manager of Customer Support Operations can be summarized as follows:

  1. Centralization of technical and administrative information.
  2. Development of the staff under my supervision.
  3. Technical development on my part to understand the impact of a failure.
  4. Conducting a proper situation analysis for each customer.
  5. Mediation of conflicts in critical failures.
  6. Efficient resource management.
  7. Conducting proper root cause analyses to prevent recurrence of failures.

2. Why did you choose Iquall as your place of development and what makes you continue to choose it?
I chose the company because it allowed me to apply my knowledge and experience in a new environment where, although the rules of the game are established, one can be creative with the methods and, above all, feel supported throughout the process. 
I continue to choose it because it constantly challenges my skills, provides professional development, and the team of people who make up the company is supportive and professional.

3. What was or is the biggest challenge you had or have to face?
The biggest challenge I have encountered in this role is to maintain the agility that the company is accustomed to while implementing processes and procedures that measure and develop our relationship with our customers.

4. What is the main added value that Customer Support offers to clients?
On the one hand, our ability to take immediate action in critical scenarios or major failures, and on the other hand, having a strategically assembled team to ensure the continuity of services within the agreed-upon timeframes. We also perform root cause analysis of failures with the goal of preventing recurrences. We also prioritize continuous communication with customers, focusing on generating their satisfaction whenever they interact with us.

5. What do you consider to be the most important factor in managing our customers?
From my perspective, the most important factor is to create value for our customers with our products and ensure that we meet their expectations. 
As a guiding principle, I have the following phrase: “What stands out is chosen.” Therefore, there are other factors that I also consider important when managing customers:

  • Having customer-centric strategies.
  • Customer Experience
  • Customer Success

6. What is an interesting fact about you that people may not know, but would find interesting today?
As an interesting fact about me, in addition to establishing processes and procedures that help standardize operations, I also dedicate myself to analyzing processes through continuous improvement, identifying areas of opportunity within the deployed processes, taking into account changes in the context and the organization’s needs.

Analía Gimenez
Customer Support Operations Manager

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