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Meet our talents: Germán Pérez Trozzi

1. What are your main responsibilities and challenges as VP of Product & Marketing  at Iquall Networks?
At iquall, the Marketing and Product areas are centralized in me for two main reasons. First of all, because we are a technology company where marketing is considered an essential tool to add value, and that is directly related to the Product area which is in charge of working along with the Technology areas in order to materialize our vision. In addition, Iquall has a considerable amount of engineers dedicated to development/research/technological evolution tasks. That’s 100 engineers dedicated to those tasks out of 120 employees in total.Therefore, areas such as the one I am in are small in quantity but intimately linked and committed to working in squads. We agilely articulate with technology areas for different initiatives and projects that we must carry out. We are a strategic area supported by the solid foundations provided by more than 100 engineers.

2. Why did you choose Iquall as your development environment and why do you still choose it as such?
Iquall is a place where you can experiment, learn, have fun and see the fruits of your labor. You work side by side with brilliant people, with a sense of humor who seek to create value for customers, everything that is done has a purpose and strives to make a difference. It is big enough to have the necessary resources to tackle innovative and world-class projects, but not so big that it becomes bureaucratic and inflexible. For me, Iquall is one of those companies that does not depend on personal names to function, but personal names make a huge difference, it’s in that sweet spot.

3. Which was or is the biggest challenge you had or have to face?
When I started working at Iquall in relation to marketing, I found that there was a lot to tell, which is wonderful at first, but articulating everything to tell it in an orderly, concise, and powerful way is not something simple to achieve. I believe that in recent years Iquall has focused a lot on generating a product of excellence and all the necessary structure to make it really work for a client. In this new stage, we have to tell the world about it. It’s like the saying goes, a happy problem.

Regarding Product, we have a solid, flexible, and scalable solution where the great challenge is to think about the next big leap. We want to do this considering the needs of the telecommunications industry. In other words, we want to develop a technological leap that accompanies the needs and vision for the next 5 years instead of convincing our customers that what we have is what they need.

4. Which is the main added value you offer clients from the Product & Marketing area?
We are a team with practical and theoretical knowledge in telecommunications. We don’t create theoretical solutions or those designed for other industries and ask CSP to adapt. We have experience in the challenges of scale, speed, and complexity of Telco and from that first-hand knowledge, plus the feedback we receive from customers, we contribute to Iquall’s vision of bringing solutions that add value to them.

5. In this hybrid context, how do you organize and motivate your team?
We work with a lot of flexibility with clear short, medium, and long-term objectives. They know they have direct access to any member of the organization, including our CEO. Everyone is knowledgeable about the market and aware that they are working on the latest global trends, that is, they are aware that their employability levels as part of Iquall are very high. We invest time in building a strong bond outside of work tasks, not only as a team but also on a personal level. Finally, we occasionally meet in person to do some group and creative activities, as well as to share a lunch or after-hours drink. The latter is very sporadic but it serves a lot to strengthen the bonds, of course depending on the distance and the roles it conditions the regularity but I believe it generates value.

6. What is a fun fact about you that people might not know about today and would be interesting for them to know?
As a child, I wanted to be many things, and one of the things that lasted and I had some success with was being a magician. I even had a live show with sold-out tickets when I was 12 years old at my grandmother’s house with family, friends, and neighbors present. At that time, David Copperfield was very popular, but I cannot say if the distance between his show of making the Statue of Liberty disappear and mine was the cause of my early retirement. I believe the mystery will always remain.

Germán Pérez Trozzi
VP of Product & Marketing

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