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Meet our talents: Paula Nieto

1. What are your most important responsibilities and challenges as the VP of Finance & Resources Management at Iquall Networks?
To lead a team of individuals aligned and synchronized with Iquall’s culture, in order to ensure strategic management of the company’s financial resources.
To provide efficient information that serves those who require it to make decisions and contribute to the proper development and growth of the company.

2. Why did you choose Iquall as your place of development and what makes you continue to choose it?
Because it is an ambitious, restless, and overachieving company. What we have is not enough, we always go for more.

3. What was or is the biggest challenge you had or have to face?
Delegating and motivating. Transferring knowledge to others and inspiring them to be better, their best version, until my leadership role is dispensable for the development of the other. This was the most beautiful challenge, and it was applicable to any of the growth stages I went through in these 12 years (being a boss for the first time, leading the creation of a new office, taking the administration management, taking the people management, leaving a management role in someone else’s hands, etc.).

4. What is the main added value that the Administration and Finance area offers to Iquall People?
Trust and responsibility. I like to know that when someone asks us for something, we take it seriously.

5. In this hybrid context, how do you organize and motivate your team?
First, that the whole team is aware of what our area’s purpose is, the “why” of our function in the company. Then, with the presentation of clear objectives, and also passing on the values that I expect them to always maintain when working. I seek for them to have autonomy, and work on establishing criteria for decision-making (to a greater or lesser extent, we all make decisions all the time). Then we work on the results, we correct if the expected was different from the real, we analyze behaviors and establish the points to improve. The key is to take advantage of the error as a sensor for improvement.

6. What is an interesting fact about you that people may not know, but would find interesting today?
I am demanding and very structured, but also very sensitive. Sensitivity leads us to find pain points that subsequently become growth; it is the sensor that shows us that something can be improved.

Paula Nieto
VP of Finance & Resources Management

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