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Press Release - Iquall Networks

Iquall Networks Introduces INAP: Iquall NetOps Automation Professional Certification

Miami, Florida. July 18th, 2023 – Iquall Networks, a leading provider of services to telecommunications service providers, proudly introduces INAP (Iquall NetOps Automation Professional), the latest addition to its comprehensive NetOps Automation Learning Path. 

This advanced certification follows INAA and INAS, completing the path that equips engineers with a deep understanding of every tool and module in Iquall Networks’ MAT. Upon completing the learning path, participants will be proficient in creating end-to-end automation use cases, managing platforms, troubleshooting networks, and leveraging programming languages within the network environment.

INAP is the final stage of the NetOps Automation Learning Path, consisting of four courses that provide engineers with comprehensive knowledge at a low level of each tool and module in MAT. With this expertise, participants will possess the skills necessary to implement Iquall Networks’ automation framework, enabling them to develop customized automation solutions and address complex network automation challenges.

To achieve the INAP certification, candidates are required to successfully complete the following individual courses:

  1. MAT Automation Toolkit (311-01)
  2. Data Input & Output (311-02)
  3. Advanced Network Automation in MAT (311-03)
  4. CI/CD Fundamentals (311-04)
  5. Northbound Interface (API REST) (311-05)


Ivan Alonso Santos, Manager of Training Services at Iquall Networks said

“Our mission with the NetOps Automation Learning Path is to empower engineers with practical skills that drive network automation within the telecommunications industry, Upon completion of INAP, participants will have the competence to create end-to-end automation use cases, effectively manage platforms, troubleshoot networks, and harness the power of programming languages within the network environment. This holistic approach enhances operational efficiency, accelerates service deployment, and positions professionals as automation experts.”

INAP is specifically designed for engineers, network architects, and technical professionals seeking a comprehensive understanding of network operations automation. By completing the certification, participants will be well-equipped to address complex automation challenges and accelerate their network automation journey toward autonomous networks. 

The Iquall Learning Portal serves as an advanced online platform, offering flexible access to high-quality content, interactive modules, and practical exercises. This immersive learning experience enables participants to excel in the dynamic telecommunications industry.

For more information about INAP please visit our website.


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