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Meet our talents: Juan Pagani

1. What are your most important responsibilities and challenges as VP of Customer Experience & Operations at Iquall Networks?
Today at Iquall, my responsibilities are grouped around the entire lifecycle of a customer: I have on my team the responsibility of Delivery, Customer Support, and Operations. As VP of Customer Experience & Operations at Iquall, the biggest challenge ahead of me is how to give scale to Iquall’s operations, which is growing by leaps and bounds. And in that uncertain and chaotic path of growth, provide the best service to our customers and partners. And for that, undoubtedly, it is vital to have a team aligned with those goals, giving their all and demanding their all to achieve them.

2. Why did you choose Iquall as your place of development and what makes you continue to choose it?
Iquall was a big step forward for me in my professional and personal development. I wanted to put all my experience at the service of a Telco, and I also wanted to experience the power to make decisions with a shorter decision-making network and less bureaucracy than a corporation. In addition, with the incentive of being in a phenomenal expansion phase, and undoubtedly, that is also very motivating. New customers, partners, an industry that I personally love, are all professionally very nice challenges to choose Iquall as the place to continue my professional development.

3. What was or is the biggest challenge you have had or are facing until now?
I believe that the biggest challenge is always yet to come. It’s always the next customer, the next problem. I have been at Iquall for 3 months and, in this short period, I think an important challenge that we are facing as a management team is the reorganization of structures in order to keep functions simple at the right time of growth where Iquall is currently at. But I am convinced that the most challenging is always yet to come.

4. What is the main added value that you offer to customers from the area?
In our team, we have a differential: our daily contact with the customer. And I think that’s where we can offer customers the confidence that we’re always accompanying them. We accompany from an understanding of the business, and also from technical know-how. We know that there is always someone at Iquall with the technical capacity to solve a requirement, a problem, a support case or that query to help the customer scale on that journey to automation that they undertake. Today, it’s a must within the team to be able to understand our customers’ business in order to properly build that loyalty.

5. In this hybrid context, how do you organize and motivate your team?
This hybrid context is already the new normal, so I think it’s about embracing and adopting practices that help keep people connected with what we do and the impact of what we generate. For that, in addition to hybrid meetings where we take care to keep the entire team in sync, I encourage people’s participation in meetings so that those who are more involved in a topic, know more about X technology, can own a space to share and enrich the entire team. I like to recognize behaviors that align us and give us a sense of team.

6. What is an interesting fact about you that people might not know today and would be interested to know?
I enjoy being involved in the details of how topics are communicated, especially in asynchronous communications. So, I am very meticulous about how messages and texts are written for clients. If anyone who reads that text can understand it, then I feel relieved about a job well done  : )  Clearly, it’s a major OCD!

Juan Pagani
VP of Customer Experience & Operations

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