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Press Release - Iquall Networks

Iquall Networks Joins Global Community in Signing TM Forum’s Open API Manifesto

Miami, Florida – July 11th, 2023 – Iquall Networks, a world-class leader in providing software solutions to leading companies in the telecommunications market, proudly announces its endorsement and participation in TM Forum’s Open API Manifesto. Link

As one of the 164 signatories, Iquall Networks joins a global community of communications service providers (CSPs) and technology partners committed to driving industry-wide growth and efficiency through the adoption of open APIs.

TM Forum’s suite of Open APIs has gained widespread recognition, with 164 CSPs and technology ecosystem participants publicly demonstrating their endorsement of these APIs. Of the 164 signatories, 31 CSPs, have agreed to position TM Forum Open APIs as a preferred requirement in their IT RFPs. The group of 133 leading technology partners commit to utilizing Forum Open APIs in their product applications and providing valuable feedback and extensions, ensuring continuous community growth in support of these industry-agreed APIs.

“At Iquall Networks, we recognize the critical importance of joining industry standards and aligning our products with them,” said Matias Lambert, CEO at Iquall Networks. “By endorsing TM Forum’s Open API Manifesto, we demonstrate our commitment to driving collaboration, and innovation and ensuring seamless integration within the industry. Open APIs enable us to deliver solutions that meet the evolving needs of our customers while fostering interoperability and driving the digital transformation journey forward.”

By endorsing the Open API Manifesto, Iquall Networks recognizes the value of utilizing a suite of common industry Open APIs. This commitment unlocks numerous growth and efficiency opportunities, including:

  1. Delivering agility to our businesses and customers by providing a flexible, modular platform architecture that enables agile delivery models based on infrastructure and Platform-as-a-Service capabilities. 
  2. Using extensible Open APIs to expose a catalog of capabilities to partners and developers to monetize existing capabilities and drive innovative new products and services. 
  3. Enabling a global value fabric of capabilities to developers and enterprise customers, delivering value at both local and global scale. 
  4. Dramatically reducing the costs, risks and time-to-market associated with traditional point integration, and lowering implementation and operating costs for the entire supply chain.  
  5. Enabling highly automated (zero-touch) operations and management of complex services end-to-end across digital ecosystems, delivering higher quality services at lower cost.  
  6. Improving business & IT agility to respond to an ever changing marketplace of opportunities.  
  7. Enabling a Global Wholesale Connectivity Ecosystem.

As part of this commitment, Iquall Networks will endorse TM Forum Open APIs as a fundamental element of its IT architecture and strategy. Additionally, Iquall Networks will provide continuous feedback and input to the evolution of the Open APIs, expecting vendor support for these APIs as a preferred requirement in all IT RFPs.

Iquall Networks believes that by embracing these open APIs and fostering industry collaboration, the company can establish new digital partnerships, accelerate innovation, and propel the digital transformation journey forward.


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About Iquall Networks:
We are Iquall Networks, a worldwide class leader company specialized in providing software solutions to leading companies of the telecommunications market.
We have come a long way since our first release of global messaging and management solution in 2008 to today’s fully agnostic Network Automation solutions focused on delivering cutting-edge technologies.
Our highly talented and professional staff develop agile next-generation networks for our customers, joining with them into the transformation journey in the automation and artificial intelligence era.As a socially responsible company, we consider the ecological impact in every technological development we carry out.
We believe our staff is what defines us, highly qualified professionals who understand our clients’ needs and provide unique technological solutions to address those needs. We have a strict ethics code and the transparency in our business with clients and providers is essential for us.

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