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Zero as a navigation compass

The automation journey of CSPs is pointing toward autonomous networks. As we go down the road of maturing through the five levels proposed by the TM Forum community, we encounter the challenges and risks that come with any large-scale change or transformation:

  • We need to show concrete results in a short time.
  • Decision-making governance has to be distributed but well-coordinated.
  • There’s no one-size-fits-all solution.
  • This is where three key pillars come into play to guide us: Zero Touch, Zero Trouble, and Zero Wait.

Let’s review the definitions of TM Forum, alongside some examples of their applications:

Zero Touch

“Zero Touch” refers to automating tasks or processes requiring minimal or no human effort to operate them. In other words, we’re cutting down on the need for manual interaction with the network.

For example, Zero Touch Provisioning enables parallel task execution without human intervention, significantly boosting efficiency and minimizing errors.

Zero Trouble

“Zero Trouble” focuses on automatically responding to any inconvenience or customer frustration. This might entail enabling customers to have their problems resolved automatically as soon as they occur, or using AI to proactively step in at an initial phase when there’s a significant probability of a problem arising.

Zero Wait

“Zero Wait” aims to allow customers to get what they need quickly and efficiently, eliminating wait times.

For instance, temporary service upgrades play a significant role in this fast-paced and ever-changing context. They allow customers to access improvements to meet specific needs, like having more bandwidth or new capabilities for a particular period. This flexibility is crucial to staying aligned with customer expectations and providing a frictionless experience.

Time is of the essence

The principles of Zero Touch, Zero Trouble, and Zero Wait, combined with artificial intelligence, are essential in evolving toward autonomous networks. We should not see these as separate elements but as interconnected pillars that come together to offer the end customer an exceptional experience in an increasingly competitive and demanding market.

The guiding principles of Zero Touch, Zero Trouble, and Zero Wait are the cornerstones of this transformational journey. By embracing these principles, CSPs can navigate the complex challenges of the next ten years.

Matías Lambert, CEO & Co-Founder at Iquall Networks 

Article originally published in TM Forum