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Press Release - Iquall Networks

Iquall Networks Signs TM Forum’s Autonomous Networks Manifesto and Joins Global Telecom Leaders

Miami, Florida. September 26th, 2023- Iquall Networks, a leading innovator in the telecommunications industry, is honored to be among the signatories of the Autonomous Networks (AN) Manifesto by TM Forum.  This groundbreaking initiative unites thirty telecommunications companies, including over a dozen of the world’s largest CSPs, with the common goal of advancing the adoption of Autonomous Networks worldwide. 

The 30 signatories are Accenture, AIS, Amdocs, China Mobile, China Telecom, Chunghwa Telecom, Ericsson, Futurewei, Huawei, IBM, Inspur, Intraway, Iquall Networks, Makman Technology Consulting, Microsoft, MTN Group, Netcracker, Nokia, NTT, Orange, SAS, Telecom Argentina, Telefonica, Telenor, Telkomsel, TTG International, UBiqube, Verizon, Wipro and Zain. TM Forum’s latest AN research report finds that the CSPs endorsing TM Forum’s work on AN collectively contribute 45% of worldwide telecoms revenue. This increasing level of commitment to AN from an early majority of CSPs represents a major milestone.

By signing the manifesto, companies are agreeing to adopt a common vision of ANs that relies on predictive analytics and AI to determine which network resources are used to fulfill a customer’s business goals, with all complexity hidden from the customer. The goal is to automate the entire service lifecycle, from ordering to fulfillment, activation, orchestration, management, assurance, optimization and billing so that CSPs can orchestrate Zero-X (zero-touch, zero-wait and zero-trouble) services end to end across domains at scale.

“This initiative underscores our vital role in bolstering CSPs during their digital transformation journey and our commitment to fostering an interoperable ecosystem. Our mission is to leverage technologies like machine learning and generative AI to solve genuine telecommunications challenges on the path towards intent-based networks.”  said Hernan González, Innovation Manager at Iquall Networks. 

CSP signatories will also adopt the Autonomous Networks Levels Evaluation Methodology to assess current and future levels of network automation. The vendors have committed to building and marketing their products and capabilities in a manner consistent with the AN architecture, APIs and AN Levels.

Iquall Networks, in collaboration with TM Forum and fellow signatories, eagerly anticipates its role in the journey toward the realization of Autonomous Networks. Together, they aim to enhance efficiency, responsiveness, and the overall customer experience while concurrently optimizing operational costs.

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